When it comes to creepy crawlies, bugs, and insects, you will probably not find one that is more feared than the flea. It’s kind of ironic when you think about it, given that the flea is probably the smallest of the insect family. That said, the flea has rightly earned its reputation and reign at the top of the predator list. The major problem with fleas is probably all the misconceptions that continue to follow them around.

Just to name one, fleas are mainly only considered animal predators. Indeed, these fierce jumping beans do mostly like to navigate toward animals, but that doesn’t mean they won’t attach to human life if the opportunity presents itself. That’s at least the best place to start.

Leading To Major Problems

Another thing you need to identify with right away is that fleas are more than a nuisance. Yes, they are a nuisance, causing constant scratching, itching, and skin irritations, but this is not the end of the potential problems they pose. If left untreated the most severe flea infestation could lead to death. You be surprised how many animals have succumbed to fleas. Look it up!

Among some of the problems that fleas can cause are:

Tapeworms – Fleas can feed on egg packets of tapeworms. When they do this, they become infected with the tapeworm disease. When a flea-infested with this disease bites you or your animal, they transfer the tapeworm disease via saliva.

Flea Allergy Dermatitis – Just a simple, single flea bite could lead to seriously itchy reactions. When this occurs, it is a reaction to the flea’s saliva and in specific animals and humans, these reactions can be lethal.

Cat Scratch Disease – Did you know that famous hit from Ted Nugget was really a thing? It is, and it is more often than not caused by the organism named Bartonella. It is also important to note that cats are not only the potential victims of such conditions.

Plague – Yes, this one is extremely rare in modernized parts of the world, but it is so potentially lethal that it is worth a mention. It is a condition often found in prairie dog colonies and when discovered, the CDC will need to be brought in immediately.

Tackling A Flea Problem

When it comes right down to it, Fleas are not an insect you want to mess around or experiment with. You can do a simple search and see that there are tons of products, information, and natural remedies all designed to eliminate such a threat. However, the flea is a durable and lethal little pest. If you’ve ever had to battle and overcome a flea infestation, you know this to be truer than most individuals.

Once a flea has infested your home or animal, it won’t be long before the spreading starts, and once the spreading begins, it is nearly impossible to track down and eliminate every threat. The best and most effective course of action is to bring in the pros.

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