Heat Treatment

Have bedbugs invaded your residence? Unfortunately, these pests are often difficult to eliminate. Unless you use effective methods, you’re likely not going to achieve this goal. It is best to work with a qualified professional. You’ll also want to make sure that you’ve selected the right treatment for your unique situation. In some cases, you should settle for heat treatments because they’re safe, effective, and convenient.

Our company offers a variety of bedbug treatments. We can eliminate the pests in your home using chemicals or chemical-free methods. Our heat treatments for bedbugs are one of the most popular treatments we offer. Learn more about this method below.

How Heat Can Be Used To Kill Bedbugs

Heat is one of the most effective tools you can use against bedbugs. The exterminator will bring several heat machines into your home. When the machines are set up and turned on, they will quickly begin heating the home. Therefore, the heat will reach every crack and corner in your home. Even when bedbugs are hiding in furniture or deep crevices, the heat will reach them. Once this happens, they will begin dropping dead. Thanks to this benefit, heat is more effective than other bedbug treatments.

You’ll also appreciate that heat can eliminate bedbugs and bedbug eggs. One thing to remember is that bedbugs cannot tolerate extreme temperatures. Once they’ve been exposed to temperatures above 140 degrees, they’re going to perish. If they’re unable to escape the home, they will die in a matter of seconds. Our heat treatment will resolve your bedbug problem quickly and conveniently.

Why Is Heat The Most Effective Bedbug Treatment?

Our heat treatments can guarantee your satisfaction. You’ll discover that our heat treatments are more effective than the alternative treatments. Since heat reaches every corner and crevice, it is more effective than chemical sprays. You can rest assured knowing that the heat will seep deep into the cracks and holes. Any bedbugs hiding there will be eliminated. The heat machines are going to raise the temperature throughout the home.

Using heat is the most effective way to eliminate bedbugs. We highly recommend this method to our clients.

Maintaining The Right Temperature

Our technicians have to take precise steps to ensure that they eliminate the bedbugs in your home. To achieve this goal, we must maintain the right temperatures around the clock. We have to keep the temperature around 140 degrees. These temperatures must be maintained for two hours or longer. We typically complete the treatment after three or four hours to guarantee we eliminate all the bedbugs in the home. If the temperatures drop below 140 degrees, the treatment will not be effective.

Ultimately, this is why you should work with a qualified professional. We’ll make sure that the temperatures are consistent so you’ll receive satisfactory results.

We’ll Ask You To Leave The Home

Unfortunately, the client will need to leave the home during the treatment process. Typically, heat treatments are safe. Nevertheless, we do not want to take any risks. We want to make sure that our clients are protected during each phase of the heat treatment process. Therefore, we’re not going to play games with your safety. Our technicians will ask you to leave the home to ensure that you’re protected.

The temperatures are high, but our heat treatments will not harm you or damage your property. You’ll also appreciate that it is only going to take a few hours to complete this process. Heat treatments are significantly faster than chemical treatments since the latter requires multiple visits. When you’re ready to begin, call our office to learn more about our safe and effective heat treatments.

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