Best Mattress Covers For Stopping Bed Bugs

Consumers in your area should take steps to protect themselves and their loved ones from bedbugs. These pests can easily sneak into your home if you’re not expecting them. Using a good bedbug mattress cover is an effective way to greatly decrease the bedbug population in your home. Below, you’ll find out more about mattress covers for bedbugs, their uses, and picking a good one for your mattress.

Understanding Bedbug Mattress Covers

It is pertinent to find out more about bedbug mattress covers. You’ll find that these products can be very helpful for defending your home from bedbugs. When you use a mattress cover, you’ll eliminate many of the bugs in your home. The remaining bedbugs can be dealt with by hiring a qualified professional. Mattress covers will be installed over your mattress. When completely sealed, bugs will not be able to enter or exit the mattress cover. They’ll be stuck. Therefore, any bugs stuck in the mattress cover will be unable to eat so they’ll starve to death. When an infestation occurs, it is estimated that 90% of the bugs will be hiding on mattresses and box springs. Therefore, using a bedbug mattress cover is an effective way to kill many of these bugs. Again, it won’t kill all of them.

What Are Bedbug Mattress Covers?

You’ve likely used mattress covers before. Just remember that there are several types. Some are designed to protect from moisture and water. Others are going to protect from bedbugs. Certain covers are designed to achieve both purposes simultaneously. The mattress protector will be used to protect the mattress. You’ll wrap the protector around your mattress before closing the zipper. After that, you can guarantee that all the bugs on the mattress are going to be permanently trapped. They’ll only escape if you let them out. It will take roughly two weeks for the trapped bedbugs to die. The mattress cover will also prevent more bedbugs from taking shelter on your mattress.

Tips For Selecting A High-Quality Mattress Cover

You must purchase the best mattress cover for bedbugs. Start by using the advice below.

It Needs To Be A Full Encasement

First, you must pick a full encasement. You can purchase full or partial encasements. Partial encasements are not going to cover the entire mattress. Therefore, they won’t be as effective. The cover is only going to be bedbug-proof if it covers the whole mattress.

Make Sure It Seals Properly

When picking a mattress cover, be sure to choose one that seals properly. Ultimately, this is one of the most important factors. There is a chance that the zipper is of low quality. The zipper won’t be durable enough to keep the cover locked. Instead, bugs will be able to slip through the small gaps. Plus, some may have tears or rips. These holes are going to allow bedbugs to access the mattress easily. Make sure the mattress protector properly seals and that bedbugs cannot escape.

Testing Is Key

Next, you should pick a mattress cover that has been thoroughly tested. You need to make sure that the mattress cover is going to work as intended. If you buy one that wasn’t tested, there is no guarantee that it’ll work. The cover should’ve been tested thoroughly by qualified professionals in the field.

Safe For Everyone

You’re going to be sleeping near the mattress protector. If it contains harmful chemicals, you may end up inhaling those chemicals in the middle of the night. While the chemicals could help kill bedbugs, they could kill you too. Don’t buy a mattress cover unless it is free of harsh chemicals.

How Effective Are Mattress Encasements For Bedbugs?

Most qualified professionals will agree that bedbug mattress covers are beneficial for dealing with bedbugs. While they’re not going to clear up the entire infestation, they will make a big difference. The mattress encasement will protect the mattress. If bedbugs are hiding on your mattress or box spring, they will be trapped inside the encasement. Then, they’re going to starve to death in a few weeks. Properly using a bedbug mattress cover is an effective way to eliminate many of the bugs in your home. It’ll also prevent more bedbugs from hiding on your mattress. Just remember that the mattress cover is not going to eliminate bugs hiding elsewhere. You’ll still want to team up with an expert. Research the bedbug extermination companies in your area until you find the best one for you. When you work with a qualified professional, you can guarantee that the problem will be rectified before you know it.

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