How To Make Bed Bugs Come Out Of Hiding

Any crevice, hole, gap, and crack can become a bed bug hiding place. As long as the imperfection is in proximity to the vector’s sleeping platform, it will work as a hiding place. Bed bugs have one goal in mind when choosing a hiding place. The goal is to ensure efficient access to blood meals. Some bed bug hiding places are impossible to find. In this case, your only option is to drive the insects out of their discrete hiding places. Is this an easy process? It can be with the proper equipment. Learn more by reading the content provided in the article below.

Space Heater

Bed bugs are drawn to warm environments. The insect’s tiny antennas can detect heat like that produced by the human body. You can easily replicate the human body heat by utilizing one or more portable space heaters. Place the heater in the room before sealing it off. Allow the space heater to operate until the maximum temperature is reached. Select the maximum setting to produce temperatures up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. It may take up to an hour to reach the maximum temperature. This should work effectively in driving the bed bugs out of hiding.

Upholstery Steamer

An upholstery steamer can produce temperatures up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. The steamer can be utilized to drive bed bugs out of carpet, mattresses, stuffed animals, floorboards, baseboards, and bed frames.

Bed Bug Attractant

A bed bug attractant is a device that utilizes a pheromone lure to draw bed bugs out of hiding. In addition to attracting bed bugs, the device can also trap the insects. This is a two-in-one bed bug attractant and trap. The attractant entices the insects to emerge from their hiding places. The adhesive trap catches the bed bugs, so they can no longer access blood meals. A mature bed bug can go about five months without ingesting human or animal blood.

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